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Ideas for Independent Living is a company devoted to helping people overcome obstacles in day-to-day life through well designed products and problem solving. We are constantly designing new devices, attachments, mounting systems to meet the needs of each unique user. What drives our design above all else, is the desire to provide customers with high quality, flexible devices and mounting systems that can be depended to make life easier for their users.

We have designed a broad range of mounting brackets to make our assistive living devices compatible with a large variety of manual wheelchairs, power chairs, beds and table mounting systems. Likewise, we are able to mount a broad range of assistive technology devices, communication devices, computers, tablets and more to these wheelchairs. Whether you have a piece of communication assistive technology something as simple as a tray that needs to attach to your wheelchair, we specialize in bridging the gap between user and device and making the overall experience more accessible.

Design Philosophy

We are firm believers that a good customer experience is the best possible thing you can do for a business. In pursuit of this, we dedicate ourselves to creating only the highest quality products. Through close interaction with our users we are able to better understand how these products are used on a daily basis and are constantly improving them based on this knowledge.


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"..high quality, customizable devices and mounting systems.."

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