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Ideas for Independent Living is a company that specializes in devices to make life easier and circumvent disabilities. Our goal is to solve any wheelchair mounting, disability or physical need-based problems and to make life in general more accessible to everyone.

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Our Latest Projects

We are always excited to take on new projects to help people out. Something can always be done to improve someone's situation so we are always ready for a challenge.

Click below to see some of our custom work as well as some recent additions to our product line including new wheelchair mounts and accessories, Ipad mounts, mounting arms, access switches and more.

Virtual Tools

These virtual tools were designed to show users what their setup could look like before physically installing anything. By building your mounting system you can see how different wheelchair mounts, table mounts or floor stands could hold your devices.
Customizing an arm shows how standard arm components can be used to create a unique arm that is just right for you.

access switches custom design work floor stands keyboard key guards speech generation device mounting
arm rests custom manufacturing foot controllers laptop trays table mounting
bed mounting custom prostheses head switches microphones tablet mounting
camera mounting custom switches instrument mounting mounting arms wheelchair accessories
computer mounting device mounting Ipad mounting phone mounting wheelchair mounting
custom buttons fiber optics joysticks sip n' puff

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